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6:00 PM18:00

Rainwater & Greywater Workshop

West Basin Municipal Water District and the City of Malibu host a free rainwater and greywater workshop for residents.

West Basin's Rainwater/Greywater Workshop will teach residents about the benefits of capturing rainwater and utilizing greywater for outdoor irrigation. Residents will learn how to safely and legally reuse greywater from clothes washing machines, as well as how to harvest rainwater with rain barrels and cisterns.

Rain barrels and larger cisterns help residents to collect and reuse rainwater from roofs and gutters, retaining water on-site, and reduce the amount of pollutants that flow into storm drains and local waterways. Every gallon of rainwater that is collected in rain barrels saves one gallon of drinking water that would normally be used for irrigation.

Refreshments will be provided and workshop attendees will receive a free "Greywater Green Landscape" book.

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